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Other Services

Sleep Consultancy

This service is for parents of older infants and young children, who have not yet leant the art of settling to, and staying asleep during the night, The service aims to assist the child to learn good sleeping habits and to support the parents during the process. The parents will also be advised on how to continue to encourage good sleeping habits in their child.

The service entails an inital assessment of the problems, the development of a plan of action for the parents, and should they wish, support in the home during the first 1-2 nights of the sleep training programme.

Sick Mum Assistant

This service provides help for mums who are unwell with varous health problems, both long and short term. As a registered general nurse I have the skills to care for mums who are recovering from surgery, cancer therapy or medical problems. I also use the skills I have as a postnatal doula to care for other members of her family and the maintenance of her home.


All services can be tailored to indivdual family needs.